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FACE-MASK "Hope & Art"

Striving for Beauty & Purpose, in its sumptuosity and holistic dimension, to reach souls and urge them to Believe. Such is the pursuit of DELA ÉVA - to spur you on to grasp life fully, in all its forms, with all its meaning. Existence, however, does at times seems to lack in imminent meaning, one that obeys our preconceptions, dogmas and rules of “normality”.  How to plant seeds of Hope and Belief in a soil eradicated from any axiom?
In uncertain times such as the ones we are living,
to the purpose within your identity.
As an embrace of Love and a breath of vivid HOPE & ART, DELA ÉVA would like to introduce you to its own PURPOSE & VOICE engaged in facing the current worldwide pandemic.
DELA ÉVA’s Founder & Creative Director, Ninja D. Evangelista, and her design team are united as one but also everyone an individual artist on their own right, with their own craft and beauty. The all women artists combined their artistic visions to design each an own unique, handmade face mask for you and your loved ones. To own a layer of protection when outdoors, to spread the message of perseverance, to feel connected even when distant. With these reasons close at heart, the artists wish you health, courage and kindness towards one each other.
Please know that you make a difference. For every mask purchased, £1 will be donated to CARE INTERNATIONAL, and profit will go directly to individual artist. CARE is delivering lifesaving aid to places where healthcare systems are already weak, and where disaster and conflict have wiped out long-term food supplies.