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DELA ÉVA | Luxury Leather Handbags and Accessories

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

DELA ÉVA handbags are unique in design, combining sectors of womenswear and accessory, making it the new staple to add to the closet. DELA ÉVA’s core values are to challenge common preconceptions of what fashion can or can't be, meticulous attention to detail and courage to break rules in order to create something outstanding – a DELA ÉVA.

DELA ÉVA’s timeless designs always have a little twist to them. A combination of something old, inspired by the classic masterpieces and something new, inspired by the modern world we live in today. DELA ÉVA bags are certainly a treasure that a proud owner can cherish for a long time and possibly pass onto the next generation.

The collection „Theatre of Dreams“ illustrates the power of our dreams. DELA ÉVA bags aim to be a companion on your journey and mission to fulfill your dreams. Curtains up for your theatre.

Make your dreamscape come to life, while wearing the HEMERA and be the Goddess of the Day. 
Create yourself and be your own CEO - the CEO bag will be your companion on your way to reach your goals. 
Time travel with your RENAISSANCE TWENTYONE and explore how the Renaissance fell in love with the 21st Century. 
Dance like no one is watching or waltz the night away with your PURSA.