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Ninja D. Evangelista | Her Visions

NINJA D. EVANGELISTA is an award winning Austrian-Filipina Fashion Accessory Designer and Artist. She moved to London to study fashion design and pursue her dreams by creating her own fashion brands.
At the age of 18 Ninja, also known as Ninz, left school to make the world educate her in life. She travelled 5 continents, 42 countries and still yearns to see many more unique and inspiring places in the world. Meeting new people, while discovering different cultures and lifestyles during her travels, gave her all the motivation and inspiration to create her own fashion brand. After travelling the world she finished her A-Levels and moved to one of her favourite places in the world - London, where she studied Fashion Cordwainer Accessory Design at the prestigious London College of Fashion - University of the Arts London. Ninz also holds a Postgraduate Degree in Art History and a Master's Degree in MA Fashion Artefact at London College of Fashion, where she was named as one of the "Best emerging talents of UAL" at XHIBIT2019 and won the Procter and Gamble Better Lives MA 2019 Award, the award uses the disciplines of fashion to drive change that improves people's lives and builds a sustainable future.
She did an Internship with Vivienne Westwood and was an International Brand Ambassador for Clarks Original, Vestiaire Collective and HP Asia. Fashion is her passion and besides designing, she also enjoys writing about it and worked as a freelance UK Fashion Editor for the Burda Media office in London (covering the German issues of InStyle, ELLE, Cover, Donna, Burda Style and Freundin).

DELA ÉVA is the epitome of Ninz herself, her experiences and visions. She creates timeless designs, which always have a little twist to them. Something new, something old but never borrowed and definitely something that makes her bags stand out from others. Her goal is to add a new staple to a women’s wardrobe, which they can cherish for a long time and possibly pass on to the next generation.

Her favourite quote is from Dr. Seuss, which also explains her mindset in life -
"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"