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ICON Skirt-Belt | "Neaera"
ICON Skirt-Belt | "Neaera"
ICON Skirt-Belt | "Neaera"

Dela Éva

ICON Skirt-Belt | "Neaera"

Please allow 2-3 weeks to craft your product.
"Beauty awakens the soul to act" Dante Alighieri  

Neaera [ Greek Goddess of the rising Sun] | 1000 Days of Summer, lets create iconic history. 

The handcrafted Skirt-Belt, a sleek and structured Waist Belt combined with an elegant silk skirt, which completes every outfit and will divine your frame.

MATERIALS:                                                                 Belt: 100% Italian Lamb Nappa Leather
Attached Skirt on Belt: 100% Italian Silk
Belt Lining: Suede

Entirely Handmade in Milan, Italy.


Belt Width: 8 - 12.5 cm
Small: 66cm -79cm
Medium: 73cm -89cm
Large: 79cm - 96cm