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Keep Me Close (by ALINA)
Keep Me Close (by ALINA)
Keep Me Close (by ALINA)
Keep Me Close (by ALINA)


Keep Me Close (by ALINA)

Please allow 5-7 days to craft your product. Every Face-Mask is handmade and artwork might differ slightly.

It is necessary you keep safe - for yourself, your loved ones, your neighbours, the people you’ll never meet, but nonetheless matter immensely. We are covering our faces, but not our souls. This handmade mask provides you a layer of protection when outside and all together a way to convey your innate syntony with Art. 

This Face-Mask was designed by Alina. She is the Executive Assistant to Ninja D. Evangelista and Italian Correspondent. Alina is also an independent Fine Artist and Writer.  

100% Handmade
100% Cotton (Oeko-Tex® Certified)
Lining: 100% Cotton (Oeko-Tex® Certified)
Hand-painted with certified non-toxic fabric markers
Machine washable * DO NOT iron the elastic band * Please remove nose pipe before washing


Artist Message for YOU <3:

"In a chaotic reality, we persist. Our ability to connect to the Beauty - the colours - within one each other intensifies and so we remain warmly close, no matter the distance.

We connect on a deeper level. Our bodies are apart, but our souls feel proximate. Our thoughts can touch wonders breathing within. 

In these times of social distancing, S T A Y  S A F E, and let the separation be only physical. Harmonise with the frequencies of your loved ones. Magnify your bonds with confidence in a better tomorrow.

Keep close to the energy and blessings within. I chose the Jade Vine flower to represent my wish for you all to feel connected during this pandemic crisis. The flower symbolising engagement with the world." - ALINA